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This website is focused on the subject of American underground comedy. This is a form of comedy that falls outside of the mainstream. Often performers are unknown and do stand up as a hobby rather than a profession. Underground comedy encourages experimentation and trying out new material.

Why Choose This Theme?

Everyone enjoys having a laugh. Therefore the theme of comedy should appeal to a large number of people. Underground comedy is not often talked about. There are plenty of aspects to explore. This blog is ideal for readers who wish to learn more about the indie side of comedy. Many big names started out in this scene before attaining fame. Fans of these celebrities will find some interesting information about them. The site is also useful for those who want to become comedians themselves. There is an abundance of practical tips provided to help them start out.

How to Read the Blog

The various aspects of underground comedy have been split up into individual articles. This allows readers to pick out the ones that most appeal to them. Alternatively, they could go through the entire site and read every article. Doing so will ensure they absorb all the information that has been provided.

The Content

People who want to become underground comedians should check out the article explaining how to do this. It tells readers about the crucial steps that need to be taken. This includes developing material and finding the right venue. Hopefully, this will arm people with enough info to help start their new career in comedy.

Another article lists some of the biggest underground comedians who have gone on to have mainstream success. This includes both solo acts and troupes. Some of the best work of each act is described.

This blog also looks at the way that underground comedy has been represented in the media. This includes examples from television shows, films and video games. Some of these depict the lives of real comedians such as Andy Kaufman. Others are about fictional characters like Dee in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. After reading this article, people should have a much broader knowledge of the depiction of comedy in media.

Gambling pops up as theme quite a lot in stand up routines. One of the blog articles explores why this is the case. It also talks about comedians who bring their own gambling pasts into their routines.