Gambling in Comedy Stand Up

Gambling has been discussed by a wide range of comedians in their stand up acts. Often this is because the performer in question has a good experience of gambling. Other times they are telling stories about the exploits of others or portraying fictional gambler characters. Las Vegas is a common location talked about because it is considered the gambling capital of the world. Jokes of this type have been around for decades. In fact, several gambling based jokes have been passed down through the generations.

Why Comedians Talk About Gambling

The main reason why the act of gambling so frequently pops up in stand up material is due to its popularity. People from all over the world engage in this fun and potentially lucrative activity. Brick and mortar casinos can be found in a huge number of countries. Even more, people can access online casinos from their computers or smart devices. Since gambling is so popular it is an ideal theme to discuss during a stand-up routine. Talking about it will appeal to a large audience and therefore allow the comedian to attract a lot of viewers.

Types of Gambling Discussed

Usually, a comedian will use a popular form of gambling in their stand up routine. The rules of these games will be simple and well known to the audience. For instance, it is common knowledge that blackjack involves picking cards up to 21. Jokes will hinge on the fact that everyone is aware of these rules. In recent years online gambling has attracted a lot of internet traffic. This is due to the abundance of bonuses designed to get new players. For instance, the Promotions at Unibet regularly entice first-timers. Comedians like to keep their material modern. Therefore they are more likely to include online casinos in their material than brick and mortar ones.

Casino Stand Up

Modern casinos will have a host of facilities on site such as restaurants and theatres. These venues are ideal for comedy sets to take place. Performers will want to get the audience on their side by focusing on activities they are familiar with. Gambling will be an obvious theme to go for. The fact that both the comedian and audience are inside a casino will make the subject unavoidable. Comedians can tell stories about their own experience gambling. This will make them seem more likable to the casino audience, share the enjoyment of Casino stands up with a friend via the referral program: unibet refer a friend bonus.

Joey Diaz

This Cuban-American comedian started out in the underground circuit. In recent years he has attained a good level of mainstream fame. This is mostly thanks to his appearances on podcasts. His comedy often features the theme of gambling. He has stated that he supports this activity in moderation. One of his routines explains the difference between male and female gamblers in America. Diaz also shows considerable interest in how much money rich celebrities spend at casinos.

Norm Macdonald

Macdonald is from Canada and has appeared on Saturday Night Live as well as the movies Billy Madison and Dirty Work. He is well known for his outrageous appearances on talk shows. In the past, he was an avid gambler. He mostly made bets on sporting events and card tables. Macdonald’s sets occasionally go into his gambling stories. Some of these are real-life events, whereas others are exaggerated fictional tales. He has stated that he prefers to bet on sports that have predictable results. This is because it increases his chances of winning.

Russell Howard

Russell Howard is an English comedian who is known for his thought-provoking, socially aware stand-up. Several times on his television show “The Russell Howard Hour” he has talked about making bets on English sports such as football. He has also explained the ways that casinos help British society by contributing millions of pounds to charity.

Will Ferrell

Few comedians have had as much success as Will Ferrell. He started out in stand up but then went on to star in several hit movies such as Anchorman and Step Brothers. He has discussed playing poker in interviews and admitted he has an obvious tell. In one of his many gambling stories he says he raised an indie film budget by playing roulette.

Lisa Sundstedt

Lisa Sundstedt is known more for her screenwriting than stand up. However, her routines have received praise from audiences and critics. She has not yet broken out of the underground comedy scene. One of her jokes revolves around playing blackjack in a Las Vegas casino.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a regular panellist on numerous comedy shows in the UK. She is also the presenter of the quiz, Only Connect. As a professional poker player, she often tells funny stories about her gambling exploits. For instance, when she appeared on QI, she told the audience about a celebrity poker game that ended humorously.